Intuitive Equine Programs – ​Creating Harmony for Horse and Human

If you are interested in:

  • Creating a bond based on Trust (not fear)
  • Creating Harmony for horse and human
  • ​Developing a better relationship with your horse, and therefore, yourself and others
  • Learning how your presence and congruity affect your horse (and others)
  • Creating an opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Learning how to connect and give back through Integrative Equine bodywork practices

​I offer customized programs for individuals as well as small groups, based on current needs and interests. All programs take place at the Sweetwater Shire Ranch in Sebastopol, CA.

Call me with questions regarding what you are interested in, and whether you have your own horse or not.

$125/session, private (sessions are 70-90 minutes)

$50/hr/person, semi private or small group

Collaborative Programs


“A mutually beneficial experience with horses to enhance (personal & professional) communication and relationships.”

Intuitive Equine has partnered with One Legacy Coaching and Sweetwater Shires to offer programs to corporate, private and individual groups.