Max Waits for a Ride

Max waiting for a rideSo here I was, painting long hours in my studio, and as I looked out the window, I saw Max, one of my 3 pups, waiting patiently in the passenger seat of my Landcruiser to go on the next ride (even though we’d already gone into town that morning and stopped by the pond for a swim on the way back to the ranch)….such a silly boy….

2 thoughts on “Max Waits for a Ride

  1. You are a kindred soul and a blessing. At the age of 38 I realized that I needed to trust in my calling as an artist and began photographing animals and the natural world, humans too, because my connection is stronger to the primal world than to the manmade one that I have tried to navigate all these years. Sharing the moments I capture and elate me with the world has brought me a fulfillment that can only mean I am on the right path.

    Your work is beautiful and horses have been a part of me and my life for over 20 years, so thank you for celebrating them. Elizabeth Marcello A small sampling of my work at

  2. I have admired your work since I first saw it…a huge painting in Truckee, CA. I wanted that painting so badly; horses are my heart and soul. Years later I was walking through a quilt show and saw “The Guardian Angel” printed as a panel to be quilted. I’m a professional quilter with a longarm machine and I had to have it. You do such beautiful work!

    Please continue your blog when you can. I love your dog sitting in the jeep; our Border does that too. And our other Border lives for our four Arabian horses!

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