Catch up One

DSC_0097Howdy to all who might visit my new website and to those who have e-mailed, wondering why I have not kept up to date on my blog entries…….so, here goes…..I’ll play a bit of catch up here, starting with the amazing storm that blew through these parts 2 years ago, wreaking havoc on tipi living, which, thankfully, I was not doing at the moment, having finally finished building my studio………

………as I watched the storm from inside my little abode, I saw the wind rip my smaller tipi into tiny little pieces that littered the yard, while the wind picked up the larger tipi and launched it into a huge oak tree, collapsing it as it came crashing down upon all the interior furnishings….leaving nothing salvageable. As that was happening, an enormous oak, nearly 200+ years old, fell crashing onto the ground and all the surrounding fences…….my dogs, I’m certain, enjoyed the results immensely, as they got to live in my art studio for over 6 weeks, until I could remove the tree and repair the fences.

I renamed my studio “doggy day care” for the rest of the winter……..

Doggy Daycare

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