In search of an egg….

Sam windy dayIn search of an egg……for a great recipe that could not go without one….I called around the neighborhood and thankfully, my sweet friend and neighbor 2 miles up the road said I could go and fetch one, even though she wasn’t at home….

So, I asked Sam, my 18hh Draft horse, if he wanted to go on an adventure, and without halter or lead, he came out of the pasture and stood while I put on his bridle and climbed the highest fence onto his back…….off we went, me riding bareback on a HOT percheron I hadn’t ridden in over a month, up the road to get that egg. Along the way, 2 of my dogs joined us as I have yet to find the hole under the fence by which they like to escape. As we traveled up the gravel road, Rosey, my little treasure finding mutt, was flushing bird and deer out into the road, making my big “baby Huey horse” a quivering pile of nerves. Thankfully, his spinning to flee is in rather large, slow motion by horse standards, so I was still glued to him after every one of his attempts. Random neighborhood dogs that like to jump out of bushes, a white Egret who decides to take flight, and the “too fast driving” young neighbors along the way made for a very adventurous ride……….but, as it went, all was well as I approached home base, sidled up to a fence post, placed 2 eggs (had to borrow an extra one, just in case) very gingerly on the top of the post, took Sam back out to pasture with a big hug and proceeded indoors to tackle the evening…… thought for the day was how GREAT it was that I could ride out my front door to the neighbors by horseback to borrow an egg……….Happy Trails

2 thoughts on “In search of an egg….

  1. Lovely story, Leslie. I love those moments that joyfully remind us how sweet life is.

    Beautiful site! and you do such a great job capturing the spirit of those gentle beasts.

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