Rosie’s treasures

Rosie's perchRosie perches on her favorite rock, looking over the pasture to make sure all is right with the world….I don’t have screens on certain windows so that I can catch life outside without the screen getting in the way……

Rosie was a rescue pup who’s mama had taken a tour of the neighborhood and later given birth to 11 pups, 5 very distinctly different breeds (red heads like Rosie, Rottweilers, Shepherds, golden retrievers, and blond labs)….I don’t know what breed she is or what mix, but she is a true hunter, nonetheless, and has a habit of bringing me back found treasure…..

Rosie's treasure

Rosie is always so proud of her findings……she takes them with her wherever she goes…..unfortunately, that includes moles and birds and anything else she catches…….

What a smile……… 🙂

Rosie treasure leg

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