Juliet & Vinny

A mother’s love can never be broken and lasts beyond this life.”

Big Vinny (the colt in this painting) is now an incredibly gorgeous, and quite stunningly large horse, living his life with his VERY committed human partner. Juliet, Vinny’s mother, was a difficult and stubborn mare, often dumping her rider during lessons. As a broodmare, however, she was a gem. When Vinny was born, his crooked legs were not ideal, so he was put up for sale. His human partner met Vinny the day he was born, crooked legs and all, and was immediately smitten. And 11 years later, is still very much so. She believes, with all her heart, that Vinny found HER, and saved her life…all 17.1 hands of this beautiful Warmblood, who now has very straight legs and large beautiful hooves.

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Photo that inspired this painting