Catch up One

DSC_0097Howdy to all who might visit my new website and to those who have e-mailed, wondering why I have not kept up to date on my blog entries…….so, here goes…..I’ll play a bit of catch up here, starting with the amazing storm that blew through these parts 2 years ago, wreaking havoc on tipi living, which, thankfully, I was not doing at the moment, having finally finished building my studio………

………as I watched the storm from inside my little abode, I saw the wind rip my smaller tipi into tiny little pieces that littered the yard, while the wind picked up the larger tipi and launched it into a huge oak tree, collapsing it as it came crashing down upon all the interior furnishings….leaving nothing salvageable. As that was happening, an enormous oak, nearly 200+ years old, fell crashing onto the ground and all the surrounding fences…….my dogs, I’m certain, enjoyed the results immensely, as they got to live in my art studio for over 6 weeks, until I could remove the tree and repair the fences.

I renamed my studio “doggy day care” for the rest of the winter……..

Doggy Daycare

Max Waits for a Ride

Max waiting for a rideSo here I was, painting long hours in my studio, and as I looked out the window, I saw Max, one of my 3 pups, waiting patiently in the passenger seat of my Landcruiser to go on the next ride (even though we’d already gone into town that morning and stopped by the pond for a swim on the way back to the ranch)….such a silly boy….

A Bit of History

Big Smooch copyA bit of History here, since this is my attempt to gravitate into the ever-growing world of internet communications….About 4+ years ago, I had one of those moments that brings you back to childhood. As a kid, when you are playing a game of tag or some other athletic endeavor, and it begins to go awry, one person or other will call out “DO OVER”, and thus, the game begins again. That was what happened in my life at the age of 38. I found myself going through divorce with 5 horses, a dog and cat in my care and no where to live and no money in the bank. I yelled out as loud as I could….”DO OVER”!!!!!! With a small loan in hand, I purchased a plot of land in the middle of nowhere (as visitors often tell me), erected a 28 foot diameter tipi, set up a large corral for my horses and lived like a pioneer for over 2 years….no cell phone, no electricity, and no bathroom (other than a shovel), with only a pocket full of hope and a huge commitment to my beloved animals that I would always keep them by my side and be their only caretaker.

It’s been over 4 years now and the stories are ready to tell. Life on the range with livestock and wild critters, funny stories and all the trials and tribulations….stay tuned…

Happy Trails,
Leslie Anne Webb