The children’s book is finally here!

I hope this email finds you enjoying your summer and gearing up for Fall.

Finally, my first in a series of Children’s books is published and available. In addition to this book, I am working on designing and creating the softest, squishiest plushie stuffed animal in Oscar’s likeness.

There are pillows with Oscar’s image and a lampshade with 4 Oscar images on it to decorate a child’s room.

The book is available now, and the products will be coming soon. Everything can be found and purchased online at… of Oscar’s most famous faces, FACE OF LOVE, is also available and on SALE in a limited edition giclee on canvas, as well as the usually available fine art prints.

412ebf3d-478e-44a8-afa5-145ab8caf8a7I will be selling the original oil paintings of Oscar from the book as well, and if you are interested in any of them (the dream is not available), please let me know.

Hope to be back in the saddle again soon…….see you on the trail

Leslie Anne Webb

Happy Holidays 2013

Holidays Are Special Here…

This year, there is much to be thankful for, and many things to remember with fondness and love…….

If you are looking for great gift ideas, please consider the new line of products offered under “GIFTS” (Uniquely Western) through my website:

You can create your own gift by choosing from a variety of images for each product, even selecting from your favorite 4 images to create a set of 4 coasters. But order early, as each item is custom made to order…..


Another Holiday Special:

Order a large print online at, and get YOUR CHOICE of images on a set of 4 coasters as YOUR GIFT from me. Just tell me the 4 images in the comment box when you order your print…..please allow 2-3 weeks delivery and order today so it will arrive in time for Christmas.

Happy Trails,

Leslie Anne Webb

Merry Christmas!

Oscar in his Christmas costume

Oscar in his Christmas costume

Although the weather is chilly and the sun shines bright
we’ve not had the rain, to dampen our night

Oscar came up to me and whispered in my ear
that he wanted to impress his new girlfriend this year

So we gathered our sleigh bells and donned Santa’s hats
Filled our stockings with goodies for the dogs and the cats


and Midnight in hers…

When Oscar saw Midnight, he let out a neigh
But Midnight was busy munching all of her hay

As we strolled down the lane of this beautiful land
I swear, if he could, Oscar would hold Midnight’s hand
The sounds of the bells were beautiful to hear
wishing all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

New One-of-a-kind "MINI" original paintings

NM horse sanctuary-blackie

“MINI” original paintings

This one, titled “Blackie”, is of a horse that was rescued and now lives at a sanctuary in NM. This one-of-a-kind original painting is 6″x6″, with a custom made 5″ frame, ready to hang.

Price: $295

Also offering “mini” commissioned pieces of YOUR horse or donkey at $395…
Call me for more info at: 530-272-3878

RIP my sweet little Kato kitty….

KatoIt is a sad day indeed, when a beloved animal that has blessed our lives leaves this earthly world…today was such a day for me when my beloved Kato kitty, who was my “dressed in black” sidekick and namesake from the “Pink Panther” Peter Sellers movies…..needed to leave this world. We had been together for 16 years……and my morning coffee while he lays snuggled, purring in my lap every single morning will never be the same….
Kato was my one and only, the only cat I’ve ever had, (but he was actually a dog in cat clothes)…and the love of everyone who knew him…

The things I will always remember about him:

  • the day we met, I’d walked into a pet store in Seattle and heard this ear piercing screech….looking in the direction of the screaming kitty, I saw this tiny, black tiger clinging to the wall of a cage, wailing as loud as his voice could carry, and never stopping. I took him home immediately.
  • he fell in love with Chief (my since passed, beloved Wolf hybrid), tormented him mercilessly, attacking and biting his neck, and when Chief fell ill, Kato curled up between his legs and kept vigil until Chief’s last days….
  • when I’d go for a run with Chief, he’d want to come, too, and he’d run just behind us, darting from parked car to parked car, hoping we wouldn’t catch him following us….
  • he’d climb the curtains, perch on the top of the rod, and when he thought I’d fallen asleep, he’d body slam me and then take off through the house, “laughing” the whole way…
  • he raised three more dogs, ruling like a king and keeping them in line when they played just a little too rough…
  • he let Bear, one of his dogs, gnaw on his head, paw him until he rolled him over, and then Bear would flip him in the air with his nose…..(very tolerant kitty)
  • he came when I called, always calling back, and loved doggy biscuits more than the actual dogs….

He was, as far as I know, one of the most amazing kitties ever to have graced this planet….
He brought so much joy to me and the rest of the critters around here, as well as family and visitors……..he will sorely be missed……RIP my little friend…

…his weak little purr was still going until his last breath…

Fundraising Event

All about Charlie PP lftThis Saturday at the Pumpkins and Ponies Fundraising event to benefit Saddle Pals Therapeutic Riding Program, the painted pony “one of a kind” statue called “All about Charlie” will be auctioned off and all money will go to the Saddle Pals program. Silent bidders are calling in their highest bids, so come take part in this amazing fundraiser, see the results of the program in real time, and enjoy a wonderful day at Blue Fountain Farm. Festivities begin at 9am……….

Crazy storm leads to Slumber Party!!!

Bear on StairsWhat began as a calm evening, ended up in a crazy all night bed hopping party….Okay, time to explain. The calm is the “calm before the storm”…..Last night, the silence of nature was almost deafening, no crickets, no coyote, no birds spoke a word…..and then, as if on instant cue, all my dogs (of which there are 3) were anxiously, frantically clawing at the doors, the screens, the windows to get inside the house. I thought, perhaps, they were hearing distant gunshot, which always drives them crazy, so I listened, and heard nothing, but let them in for whatever reason disturbed their minds.

Within 10 minutes, wild winds picked up, torrential rain pelted the rooftop, followed by an all night lightning, thunder and hail storm. Rosie and Max were already upstairs in my bedroom, but Bear, my 120lb Malamute/Shepherd/wolf cross, is terrified of climbing my floating staircase. Claw marks on the wood tread half way up show evidence of his last attempt, ending in falling off the edge. He wasn’t hurt (as he is virtually indestructible), but he was shook to the core. Last night, however, he managed to overcome his fear of the staircase because fear of the rolling and crashing thunder was far greater.

The last time Bear ever jumped in bed was about 5 years ago when I was living in a tipi and temps dropped to 15 degrees. Bear, Kato and I huddled under a mountain of blankets, trying to stay warm. I think there was even a lizard that had joined that party. But last night, Bear, very uncharacteristically, climbed onto my bed and buried his head under the blankets, wanting to shut out the sounds of thunder that shook him so. It was what they call a “three dog night”, all dogs vying for a pillow and coverage for their heads, panting wildly with fear over the booming sounds outside.

The party finally broke up when the lightning and thunder timing told me the storm was less than half a mile away. I jumped out of bed, raced over to my office and unplugged all my computers, printers and electronic equipment. My house has been hit by lightning before, and destroyed my computers, even though I had the “safety” of a surge protector. When all was safe, the storm had passed, I urged the dogs to a safe spot on the floor, and finally got about an hours sleep.

This morning, however, as the sun peeked through the crevice in the curtains, I had the task of getting my big Bear, terrified of the stairs, down to the 1st floor and out into the yard. Let’s just say, as I half carried him backward down the stairs, there are a few more claw marks commemorating last nights slumber party……

Keep your eye on the ball

kids visit smLongtime friends came to visit the ranch this last weekend, bringing kids and lots of great energy. My dogs were in heaven with their new best friends, but in order to get Max to follow, check out what occupies both hands of the eldest boy…

With complete obsession and single focus (something which at times comes in handy), Max will always keep his eye on the ball……

Rosie and her Kookaburra

Rosie and her kookaburraA year ago, my aunt and uncle from Australia
came to visit the Circle Seven Ranch here, which
was such a treat….had a GREAT time, and they
brought me a small stuffed Kookaburra. This
toy represents the Australian bird, you know,
the one we used to sing about as kids….goes
something like “kookaburra sits in the old
gum tree, blah blah blah blah yada yada ya-ya”
(inside joke between me and my brother when
we can’t remember the words to a song….:-)

Anyway, Rosie adopted this Kookaburra as her own
and carries it everywhere she goes……

Kookaburfa face-Rosie

Easter’s brewing storm

Oscar FriskyEaster morning started with some seriously bitter wind, chilling me to the bone, but making my horses ultimately happy….rolling in the mud, bucking, kicking and playing “bite face”….

they were having a ball…….

After playing all morning, Sunny, Charlie and Smokey decided to have a conference and chat about current strategies to antagonize the dogs, who was going to open the gate so they could raid the next pasture, and who was going to turn on the water again and flood the barn…:-)

Having a conference

Rosie’s treasures

Rosie's perchRosie perches on her favorite rock, looking over the pasture to make sure all is right with the world….I don’t have screens on certain windows so that I can catch life outside without the screen getting in the way……

Rosie was a rescue pup who’s mama had taken a tour of the neighborhood and later given birth to 11 pups, 5 very distinctly different breeds (red heads like Rosie, Rottweilers, Shepherds, golden retrievers, and blond labs)….I don’t know what breed she is or what mix, but she is a true hunter, nonetheless, and has a habit of bringing me back found treasure…..

Rosie's treasure

Rosie is always so proud of her findings……she takes them with her wherever she goes…..unfortunately, that includes moles and birds and anything else she catches…….

What a smile……… 🙂

Rosie treasure leg

Trails and Vistas


photo by: Lesley Deutsch

The beautiful environmental experience through art in nature, that has become a once a year production in Lake Tahoe, CA, was called (last September), “Terra Caeli”, in which horses were also involved with the artists and dancers…..check it out on YouTube

I know many of you may not recognize the VERY WHITE HORSE, but truly, it IS Oscar……..only he is CLEAN in the video….not his norm, given his nickname is Pigpen……or “he who loves to wallow in mud puddles”… took 7 bathes with purple shampoo to get him that clean, and every morning before the event, he needed a refresher as he’d be coated again with fresh horse poop and mud…….. 🙂

In search of an egg….

Sam windy dayIn search of an egg……for a great recipe that could not go without one….I called around the neighborhood and thankfully, my sweet friend and neighbor 2 miles up the road said I could go and fetch one, even though she wasn’t at home….

So, I asked Sam, my 18hh Draft horse, if he wanted to go on an adventure, and without halter or lead, he came out of the pasture and stood while I put on his bridle and climbed the highest fence onto his back…….off we went, me riding bareback on a HOT percheron I hadn’t ridden in over a month, up the road to get that egg. Along the way, 2 of my dogs joined us as I have yet to find the hole under the fence by which they like to escape. As we traveled up the gravel road, Rosey, my little treasure finding mutt, was flushing bird and deer out into the road, making my big “baby Huey horse” a quivering pile of nerves. Thankfully, his spinning to flee is in rather large, slow motion by horse standards, so I was still glued to him after every one of his attempts. Random neighborhood dogs that like to jump out of bushes, a white Egret who decides to take flight, and the “too fast driving” young neighbors along the way made for a very adventurous ride……….but, as it went, all was well as I approached home base, sidled up to a fence post, placed 2 eggs (had to borrow an extra one, just in case) very gingerly on the top of the post, took Sam back out to pasture with a big hug and proceeded indoors to tackle the evening…… thought for the day was how GREAT it was that I could ride out my front door to the neighbors by horseback to borrow an egg……….Happy Trails

Winter Storm


It’s so unusual to get so much snow at the elevation here at the ranch…but then again, I heard that storm brought snow to Sacramento and parts of the Bay Area….

The dogs loved it, the tipi was cozy and…..


The horses were nestled into the barn……of course, they got extra carrots, apples and yummy grain…


Before the winter storm

My Five BoysAs we neared December this year, the weather was incredible, the fall colors amazing. The horses enjoyed lazy days grazing on new buds of grass…….almost looked like Spring…..

Sam and I with the fall colors blazing…

Sam on Sunday 2

photo by Lesley Deutsch

New Work

Into the Wind…….

Into the Wind

My latest painting that is not yet online.
Prints and limited editions will be available soon.

As we head into the New Year, I wish you all…

Many Happy Trails,
Leslie Anne Webb

Oscar baby

Baby Oscar growing up to be a big boy

Baby Oscar growing up to be a big boy

This photo collage was taken at Blue Fountain Farm by my good friend and amazing horsewoman and photographer named Lesley Deutsch. You can find more of her great photos at Blue Fountain Farm Photography.

Check out her work………

Catch up Three

IMG_2022In the Summer of 2008, I had such amazing experiences raising and training my ever growing big boy Oscar…… we participated in clinics, played with cows, rode the mountains of the Sierras in Tahoe…

This big spotted horse was a Draft/Appy cross….stunning and I thought he was huge until Oscar rode up next to him…..:-) Perspective is a funny thing sometimes……….giddy-up!!!!!!!!!!


(photos by Melanie North)

Catch up Two

IMG_7357Good times on horseback……..having family and friend gatherings and giving pony rides to all the kids…..Oscar being the 2000lb. Draft horse “pony”……..summers at the ranch are the best….a virtual kids playground, BIG kids included…..

This coming Spring/Summer has much in store as far as events, open studio tours, etc. If you’d like to be added to the e-mail mailing list of events, please drop a line and I’ll add you to the list.