Intuitive Equine


Intuition is described as a phenomenon of the mind, the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason…glimpses of greater knowledge, processes by which and why they happen remain mostly unknown to the thinker…

In other words, to understand Intuition, one must let go of the mind, and be present in the body and spirit, using all our other senses to achieve this present moment awareness.

In this state of being, we can learn to BE, without letting our mind dictate or drive action and create response from others. Only then will we BE in a place to create connection, and eventually, learn communication (non-verbal, which is what 93% of all communication is).

Intuitive Equine is based on the hope that learning these methods will create Harmony for horse and human.

Harmony….a relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another…a relationship of mutual agreement.

Please read the Programs section to learn more about what this can offer for you and your horse.

NOTE: you do not need your own horse to learn…one can be provided for you.