Horses as Teachers

Horses naturally have thousands more “mirror neurons” in their brains than humans do, which means they have the ability to clearly reflect back to you what is actually going on within you.

Come discover, through a life-changing experience, the power of the horse.

The horse, as teacher, offers us lessons in:

  • honesty, truth, authenticity
  • love, trust, respect
  • boundaries, self-awareness, and empowerment
  • creating a healthy relationship with oneself and with others

Through somatic learning exercises, observation and reflection, the horses help to break down the walls that keep us from connecting with ourselves and others on a deeper, more spiritual level.

Through the horse’s sensory and intuitive responses, we learn and rediscover our own authentic self.

Horses, as teachers, are non-judgmental mirrors into the depths of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Through this experiential learning, horses reflect our internal state of being in the moment, and provide us with feedback to determine whether or not our internal being is congruent with our external presentation of ourselves.

Become an active participant in your self-discovery.

Learn, through your own experience with the horses, how to put this into practice to create change in your life, and in your relationship with yourself and others.

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