Leslie Anne Webb has spent her entire life in the company of horses. At one time, living in a tipi while her herd grazed, roaming freely around her. The years of observation, living among them, learning from them, practicing all types of equine disciplines and methods of communication, having an innate sense of who they are as individual beings, has helped her in teaching others.

One cannot begin to know all there is to know about horses. In constant pursuit and practice of knowledge and learning, Leslie continues to learn from the horse, as well as from other masters in the language of horse. She thrives in the embodiment of this learning, and the ability to pass this knowledge to others.

To be in the presence of a horse is one of the most awe inspiring gifts. To experience the art of BE-ing, seeing in them, the reflection of your own truth, you cannot help but be changed.”


Leslie is a lifelong horsewoman, a Certified  Equine Guided Educator and an Integrative Equine Bodyworker. She has a Masters in Psychology, is a Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy work) practitioner, has spent years studying Trust Technique and Masterson Method, is a licensed Massage Therapist, and has taught the Dynamics of Developing Relationships at Sonoma State University, and has a lifetime of experience working with and training horses and their human partners.  She is also an internationally renowned artist.