“Leslie is the Horse Trainer’s Trainer…she comes from a place of intuitive experience that is hard to come by.  Her way of working with the spirit of the horse and the energy of the rider re-establishes connection and harmony in the partnership.  When I have a question, I come to Leslie, and I learn so much in the process.  Leslie is able to pick up on what is useful for the horse owner to know, and she can give a voice to the horse wanting to express himself.”

​-Kansas Carradine, trainer of Cavalia’s trick riding and Roman riding horses

“Leslie is a modern day true horse whisperer.  She creates healing and opens doors for your horse to excel… experience her magic in one of her class workshops and you will find new insights and new ways to find your magical connection with your horse.”  AP, Petaluma


“When Leslie first visited my horses, I did not know how strong her ability to communicate with them was. I asked her out to meet one of the newest members of my herd and it was then that I noticed the profound communication my horses were having with her.

Through this experience, I’ve learned more about what they truly want to do here, but also, how I can change my behavior toward them to establish an even deeper bond and a greater partnership than ever before. One of the most important lessons for me was to learn to be still and to quiet the mind….There are many questions that have now been answered, for me and for my horses, and I’d highly recommend Leslie…her way with horses is profound”

-Valerie L

“My lessons with Leslie were so fun and encouraging.  She never made me feel like I was a bad rider, she just encouraged me with positive enthusiasm.  We worked on collection, safety, relaxing, sitting back and breathing.  She gently pushed me outside my comfort zone, helping me to push beyond my own fears. She helped me work with both of my horses that had 2 different personalities and energies.  With the guidance and knowledge of horses Leslie has taught me to be a much more confident rider and I have enjoyed my rides so much more!  Thank you Leslie for helping me and for your love of horses!”

-Vickey E

“When I wanted answers to questions I had about my horses, I called Leslie Anne Webb. Leslie has a rare and unique way of communicating with horses, which is obvious from the time the horse sees her. She is an accomplished horsewoman, teacher and trainer. She is also a Certified Equine Guided Educator. Leslie is able to gain all kinds of answers from horses on many topics: Their physical issues, what “job” or role they want in your life, what their role is in the herd, what they want from you and what they don’t want in your relationship with them, and just about anything else.

Because of her many years of experience, her formal education and training, Leslie is not only able to communicate with the horses, she is a clear and honest communicator with people as well. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know, until we learn what we didn’t know. I highly recommend scheduling a session with Leslie. You will be so glad…and so will your horses!”

-Judy Askins, E.G.E. (Equine Guided Educator)