Hoping to make a Difference, Creatively

There is a sense of “knowing”, a tranquil state of excitement that soothes the soul when one discovers that “one thing” they were meant to do. This quest, for me, had to include the three qualities I desired most; to be surrounded by horses, to enlighten through creative expression, and to have a cause or purpose of great importance.

Leslie Anne Webb

I believe, without a doubt, that each one of us can, through our thoughts, our actions, our BEING authentic, create an exponential effect that will change the world for the better. My hope is that through my art, by capturing in vibrant colors, the individual personalities, characters and spirit of the horses and animals I paint, that through the “feelings” these portraits evoke, there will be a shift, a change in the person who is looking, even if it merely brings a sense of peace or a smile to their face.

Most of the horses and animals I paint have been rescued, but not all of them. Many times I paint the portrait of a beloved four-legged friend who has passed over the rainbow, one who has left a lasting impression on those left behind. They often leave hoof prints on our hearts, embedded deeply.

For those horses and animals who have been lucky enough to be rescued, I would like to acknowledge the efforts of all the incredible non-profits that have made, already, a huge difference in the world, for to save the life of even one animal, whose blessed life affects the lives of many humans, it is a beautiful thing.

Over the years, donations of artwork have been made to school fundraisers for children and art programs, Animal Save, Redwings Sanctuary, United Pegasus Foundation and many other programs and non-profits. There are many others I hope to continue to support in any way I can, and with your help, these amazing non-profits will continue to do their amazing work. Please help to support United Pegasus Foundation, United in Light Draft Horse Sanctuary, Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve, Iowa Animal League, and The Cloud Foundation.