Painting the Horse and their Spirit Within

Leslie Webb Horse Art

Spiritual, majestic, humorous and vividly colorful paintings of horses will bring life to any room in your home. Leslie Anne Webb’s artwork, original oil paintings, fine art prints and her children’s book involve real life inspirations, mostly horses and animals that have been rescued and placed in loving homes or sanctuaries.

Original Oil paintings, fine art prints, children’s books, and gifts are available online. And if you want your own horse or animal’s personality captured on canvas, commissioned work is available in all sizes and price ranges.

Leslie Anne Webb’s connection to horses began at the age of 3. From that moment forward, she was hooked. She painted the perfect rendition of “the horse” as she saw him; spiritual, majestic, and vividly colorful.

Horses had captured her heart with their beauty, their grace, and the language of their soul.Their personalities are to each their own, and her equine paintings capture each individual, unique spirit through use of color, expression and also through language.

Leslie primarily paints Big Horses on Big Canvas, but she also loves the long ears (donkeys) and longhorns, too. Call or email if you have any questions or come by one of the events for the year and see her work in person.